Who is RocketDog?

RocketDog Training is run by Sarah Giammarino who has trained dogs in Vancouver since 2003. Sarah has worked with approximately 2000 students comprised of families, adults, teens, and children. She is passionate about working with pet dogs, and loves helping people develop strong relationships with their family dogs.


Sarah is also passionate about dog sports like Agility, Rally-Obedience, Urban Agility, and more. Along with her dog, Vegas, Sarah placed 4th nationally in the 2015 Canadian Agility Championships. They also compete at the highest level in the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience’s “Versatility” level. They actively play Urban Agility and contribute media to the website at UrbanAgility.ca.


Sarah has a lifetime of experience with animals and integrates this into her work with dogs, including 10 years of equestrian and experience with Parelli training. She is passionate about family dogs living in urban environments and is working with the parks board to help establish a better working relationship between dog owners and other Vancouverites.


Sarah has a broad and varied education. She has attended lectures, working seminars and conferences with:

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Patricia McConnell

Trish King

Pia Silvani

Brenda Aloff

CAPPDT 2003 and 2005 Annual Conferences

The 2007 American Psychological Association’s Convention in San Francisco

Karen Pryor’s ClickerExpo


You might have seen Sarah on TV or heard her on the radio:

CBC’s Almanac with Marc Forsythe

Breakfast Television (on several occasions)

TV show, Living Vancouver


The RocketDog Dogs!


Vegas (13 year old female Belgian Shepherd mix)

Sarah’s dog Vegas is an invaluable asset and teacher at RocketDog Training. She has helped rehabilitate many reactive dogs and a few puppies. Her quiet nature puts dogs at ease. Vegas competed with Sarah in Rally Obedience and National-level agility. She was adopted from the Vancouver SPCA when she was 6 months old.


Dolly (1 year old female "Pit Bull" mix)

Dolly is the newest addition to team RocketDog. She was adopted from the rescue group, PB&Chi who rescued her from Los Angeles. She was born in 2015.
Dolly spent most of her life up until now on a cement patio. She has a sweet nature and is learning about playing with toys, passing other dogs on the street, her new obedience commands, and Sarah is spending a lot of time conditioning her for dog sports.


Sarah lives with her husband Matt Giammarino (an owner at BrainBoost Education) and her two kids, Henry, 8 years old, and James, 5 years old, in Vancouver. Sarah is keenly interested in raising and training family dogs. She continues to update her education and strives to teach owners how to teach their dogs in a humane, educational and fun atmosphere.