Solve Problems and Understand Your Dog

personalized support delivered one-on-one


Private lessons cover all sorts of topics. They are varied in content and personalized for you, your family, and your dog.

Training one-on-one, with families and in communities is a large part of my practice, and I'm glad.  Working with a single group helps me find strategies that fit the realities of my client's lives, and I like helping people communicate more effectively with their dogs.

Private lessons Can Help Solve Problems

  • Tough walks or problems at the dog park.

  • Excessive barking.

  • Help a family member communicate with the dog.

  • Target leash walking or come when called.

  • Guarding things, places, or people.

  • Fear or anxiety when staying alone.

Make progress on what matters to you

  • Helping the family get set up for their new puppy.

  • Learning the basics of 'dog obedience'.

  • Learning a dog sport.

  • Helping your kids learn how to interact with your dog.

  • Building routines that support happy and healthy canine companions.

I offer a package of 3, 1 hour lessons for $300. We usually meet once a week or every two weeks so we can tackle the issue at hand. 


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