Welcome! I'm Sarah Giammarino, and I've been training dogs in Vancouver since 2004. I love training and socializing pet dogs! No matter the situation, I can teach you how to teach your dog, and, when needed, work with the whole family.

I can work with new dogs, dogs with ongoing challenges, or really, any family dog situation.

It's especially rewarding to coach new dog owners and people (including kids) with an interest in dogs and dog training. It's a craft I've been working on since I was 12, and I love passing on what I've learned to my clients. 

Here's What You Can Expect When You Work With Me


I am open and approachable. I am interested in hearing the details of your dog and situation from your perspective. I believe in a non-judgmental, strategic approach to help problem-solve your particular situation.

We'll work together to create practical strategies. I want you to stop unwanted behaviours quickly and effectively. Together, we'll look for everyday, easy-to-use training strategies to get your dog’s issue changed and your family running smoother.

I'll teach you to teach your dog. Dog training is a physical and artistic skill that is learned!  Moving with your dog, getting feedback, and being flexible about your training strategy are learned skills. You are your dog’s trainer; and I am here to teach you how to train your dog.

We'll keep it positive. “Positive dog training” means we use access to fun things, treats, toys, and praise to get our dogs keen on the new lessons. We use good dog routines, helpful equipment choices and smart household or outdoor set-up to prevent your dog from doing things that drive you crazy, or are bad for your dog. Positive training is not about being soft, lenient, or feeding our dogs lots of treats to bribe them to perform. It's about working with the positive and happy side of your dog's motivational system which creates confident, safe family dogs and long-lasting results.

Want to get started? 

The best way to get started is to take a group class, or do some private lessons, or just fill out this form and I'll recommend something that might work. I look forward to hearing about you and your dog!

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