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Play With Your Dog!

Dog sports are a great way to connect with your dog


Dog agility is the sport of racing your dog over a series of obstacles. Its fun to do, and great exercise for you and your dog.  It's called 'agility' because the race requires your dog to be agile and quick.


I've been playing for over 10 years, and I love it. It's easy to get started and approachable, and I work at all levels of agility - from casual courses I set up for my beginner students, to my own experiences in regional and national competitions. As a dog trainer I get a kick out of watching my students progress, while they're having a blast!

I offer agility classes and private lessons for those who are brand new to agility, people who want to play on a regular basis but don't want to compete, and for interested competitors. Every level is fun to play at and the dogs love running around. 

Just get in touch, or take a look at what's available and we'll find you the right spot. 

Check out this video of me training Dolly at the agility studio.

Learning Dog Agility is a Great Alternative to "Obedience" Training

I love having fun and running around with my dog! We are both getting exercise.
— Michelle McDonald, Golden Retriever X owner.

Your dog will pay better attention to you. Learning agility teaches your dog that interacting with you brings rewards of play and food, and, in turn, they learn to attend to you and be more responsive to your communication. 

It's good for owner and dog. My students love doing agility because it's active and doable. It engages the mind and is easy to customize for any level of fitness. Dogs love agility because they get to run and play.

You'll learn specific 'commands' that work at home and when you're out with your dog. Part of agility is directing your dog. You'll teach your dog how to stop and go, move left and right, and more. These come in useful at home!

It's a positive space to learn with your dog. The fun and benefit of agility results from trying hard, not 'doing it right.' We keep it positive and fun for the dog with treats and toys; and, as dog owners, we're in it for the good times and skills development. 

Want to get started? 

The best way to get started is to take an agility class, or a do some private lessons. Take a look at my group classes page, or just fill out this form, and I'll recommend something that might work. Tell me why you and your dog want to play agility!

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